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Increase Your WordPress Performance By A Mile
In this tutorial I’m going to go all out on WordPress Performance issues and how to make them better. I’m going to be talking about some of the most important steps needed to make any self-hosted WordPress blog faster, more secure and more reliable...

Unused CSS: Clean Up Unused CSS
Do you have unused selectors in the CSS of your website? If you do, or if you are not sure, you can easily clean up those unused selectors using a website called Unused CSS.

How to speed up your site
Few bloggers give a second thought to their blog’s stylesheet. They install a theme, maybe a few plugins and then get blogging, rarely looking back. However, with search engines taking into account the time a site needs to load as part of their ranking of sites in their results pages it is often worth checking occasionally if there are tweaks that might be made to streamline your site and reduce load time.

I recently decided to convert a wordpress blog into a static HTML site since the site never needed to be updated and also based on Google new speed metrics within Analytics. I had this thought in my head that it would be 10 minute job but of course I had problems of which the greatest was the CSS.