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Easily Clean Up Your Unused CSS Rules

Screenshot of Unused CSS software
Screenshot of Unused CSS software

Discover how UnusedCSS can help your website

On average, about 35% of CSS code is completely unnecessary. We meticulously find and remove this unnecessary CSS code.
Faster Website

A faster website can lead to more sales. Less CSS code means less time to download your web page, and less time for a web browser to parse and display it.

Stronger Engagement

Whether your engagement metrics include products bought or number of ads viewed, a faster website can help you achieve your goals.

Maintainable Code

We work out which rules you are actually using by looking at your HTML and Javascript. Less clutter in your code means better maintainability.

About 35% of all CSS is unnecessary

What we can do for you

  • Automatically find unused CSS rules
  • Provide clean CSS files to download
  • Log into your website
  • Scan Javascript files for CSS rules
  • Explore responsive design rules and media queries
  • Regularly check your website for changes
  • Show a visual diff of the clean CSS file
  • Set a custom user agent for crawling your website
  • Compatible with all websites (WordPress, Bootstrap...)

What people say about us

Our company manages a complex platform that is constantly being updated. We use Unused CSS to improve our system by removing erroneous and unneeded CSS code. This has reduced load times and enabled us to deliver a better product to our users. Thank you!

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UnusedCSS client

The best tool I could find, highly recommended!

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UnusedCSS client

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