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CSS Outer Glow

Example of CSS Outer Glow

CSS offers a very powerful property of box-shadow. It enables developers to simulate the drop-shadows - as if our HTML elements are in a true 3D space and can be moved along the z-axis to rise above the background content or submerge in it.

A Guide To CSS Text Wrapping

Example of A Guide To CSS Text Wrapping

Note: This article is focused on the semantics of the English Language as the Writing System. Other systems, especially CJK (Chinese Japanese Korean) have conventions and overflow requirements that vary from English and are out of the scope of this topic.

CSS Horizontal Lists

Example of CSS Horizontal Lists

HTML lists, represented by the <ul> tag with <li> tag children, are vertical and bulleted by default. For custom styling, we need to apply dedicated CSS properties.

CSS Half Circle

Example of CSS Half Circle

CSS provides a very useful property for borders - Border Radius. With radius provided, the borders are rounded and the degree of rounding depends on the value of radius. And just like border style and width, the radii of all four vertices are independent of each other.

Animated Dropdown Menu

Example of Animated Dropdown Menu

Dropdown menus have always been useful. They contain information that is required only when the user wants it. While the information is always useful, it might not be feasible or relevant to have it displayed all the time. Hence, it can be wrapped in an invisible container and displayed only when the user requires it. Once the user has gone through the information to their benefit, it hides again.