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Drawing Triangles with CSS

Example of Drawing Triangles with CSS

At some point, most of the front-end developers have had to search about drawing triangles. It can be a bit challenging, as CSS by default represents everything as a rectangle. On the brighter side,  it also offers more than one way to generate triangles. This article will go through a series of examples.

CSS Background Slider

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Hide Scrollbar in CSS

Example of Hide Scrollbar in CSS

The real estate on the user’s screen is limited. Developing content for a wide web audience, you will encounter the challenge of handling content that overflows. One possible solution is to allow scrolling for overflowing content but without displaying scrollbars for aesthetic reasons. The CSS property `overflow: hidden;` is not the solution to this problem as it prevents scrolling yet still crops the content. We need a solution to hide the scrollbar while still allowing scrolling.

Round Buttons

Example of Round Buttons

CSS provides a handy property of border-radius, that lets us create round corners for our elements. This brief article will demonstrate how to build aesthetic rounded buttons.

How to Remove UnusedCSS In Wordpress

This article will provide a detailed walkthrough on removing unused CSS from your WordPress site.