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CSS Half Circle

Example of CSS Half Circle

CSS provides a very useful property for borders - Border Radius. With radius provided, the borders are rounded and the degree of rounding depends on the value of radius. And just like border style and width, the radii of all four vertices are independent of each other.

Animated Dropdown Menu

Example of Animated Dropdown Menu

Dropdown menus have always been useful. They contain information that is required only when the user wants it. While the information is always helpful, it might not be feasible or relevant to have it displayed all the time. Hence, it can be wrapped in an invisible container and displayed only when the user requires it. Once the user has gone through the information to their benefit, it hides again.

HTML Vertical Lines

Example of HTML Vertical Lines

In a previous article, we discussed the importance and construction of horizontal lines. In this article, we will talk about vertical lines - why they are useful, and how we can construct them in multiple ways.

CSS Text Gradient

Example of CSS Text Gradient

A CSS gradient is a progression of two or more colors, in a specified manner and direction. The series of colors diffuse into each other smoothly at defined angles. Gradients are soothing visuals that provide a pleasant, aesthetic effect to the viewer.

HTML Line Dividers

Example of HTML Line Dividers

The content on a webpage, especially if academic in nature, can be composed of multiple topics and their subtopics. A decent way to indicate the transitions between topics is to use a visual separator element. The purpose of the separator element is to inform the user that the current topic/subtopic is concluding, and now a new topic will be discussed. For example - scenes of a play, scenarios in a novel, paras in an essay. You may be writing a blog on multiple concepts, and when one concept ends, you need a visual separator, etc.