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How JavaScript's Async and Defer Tags Let You Load Pages Faster

JavaScript has a huge impact on web page performance, but much of this impact comes long before the script even runs. When a browser normally encounters a JavaScript block, it stops rendering the page in order to download and run the script. Where 38% of visitors will leave a website after waiting just 5 seconds for it to load, waiting on JavaScript simply isn't a viable option.

Why You Need A Faster Website

When you think of a website, most people tend to think that they need to be easy to access but they also definitely think that the website should be able to move fast. While you may know that the speed of the website is important what you may not know is how to get the speed to where it should be. You may also be wondering why a faster website is important to have. What you will be able to see in reading this is why it is important for you to have a faster website and ways that you will be able to optimize CSS so that you will be able to have the faster speed load on your website that you desire.

Speed Up Your Website Without Coding Experience

The loading speed of your website directly impacts every visitors' opinion and more importantly, dictates whether they want to spend money on your site or ever visit it again. Poor web performance can make them think your site is not worth utilizing, and can hurt your ad revenue or product sales.

Optimising CSS For Improved Page Load Speed

Keeping your CSS optimized is an important factor that you will find you need to make sure you're doing. When it comes to optimization it's important to know that it is not all about minimizing file size. It is important to minimize the file size, but it is also just as important to remain organized so that things don't have to be cluttered and so that you can remain efficient. But what you will see is that the more that you learn about the different optimal CSS practices that are available, the smaller size of the file will come as a direct result of doing that.